Westchester Warriors Hockey 2018


In 2018, our Westchester Warrior family will once again join with Maria Fareri Children's Hospital to fight children’s cancer. To date, the Warriors movement has raised over $120,000 for this important cause demonstrating how the power of a community can help children and families at one of the most difficult times in their lives.  With the guidance of Warriors’ co-founder Luis Panchame, spurred on by his beloved late mother’s (Neyra) courageous fight against cancer, and fellow coaches and team managers Denis Dufresne, Ron Vitale, David Rosenberg, Scott Sanders, Vince Cappello, Jason DeSalvo, Carmine D’Elia, Tina Cappello, Oren Glick, Ryan Koresky, Chris Evans and Melissa Subin, the Westchester Warriors have become a program that very specifically provides its players with an understanding of how fortunate they are to be able to play the great game of hockey, and to put that understanding into practice by using their love of the game to provide a service for others by raising money and spreading the message for other children who are less fortunate.
Funds raised by the Westchester Warriors will help the hospital expand and build a new consolidated entrance for the Pediatric Oncology and Hematology unit, and allow a safer more secure environment for patients with cancer and blood disorders and our bone marrow transplant recipients.  The unified entrance will be called Westchester Warriors Way and will create a true cancer, blood disorder and transplant center for all of those who need us in their time of most critical need, so they will have the ideal experience as they receive treatment and heal. 
Every dollar you give is tremendously generous, and we pledge to stretch it as far as it will go!
Thank you so much for donating (or even for thinking about donating)! We appreciate your dedication to this important cause.